Whole Home Surge Protection

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As your local electrical company, we want to educate our customers on the advantages of installing whole home surge protection systems. Electrical surges originating from within and outside your home can severely damage expensive electronics and appliances. Protecting your valuable investments with comprehensive solutions is key.

A whole home surge protector is a device professionally installed at your main electrical panel or breaker box. It provides security against sudden spikes in electrical current across your entire home’s electrical system, not just the point of use. By distributing protection across all electrical circuits, a whole home surge stopper safeguards electronics plus heating/cooling systems, lighting, appliances, and more.

Electrical outlets are indispensable features in both residential and commercial settings. In the event of malfunction, it is imperative to engage the services of a qualified professional. Attempting to rectify electrical outlet issues without the expertise of a certified electrician poses significant risks. Electrical tasks entail complexities and hazards, including electric shocks, fires, and potential damage to the electrical infrastructure. Competent electricians, such as those affiliated with Ryan Electric, possess the requisite expertise, experience, and acumen to address electrical repairs with precision and safety. By entrusting repairs to skilled professionals, like those at Ryan Electric, the likelihood of mishaps or injuries is notably reduced.

Source: Outlet Repair should be handled by professionals. These statistics are based on data compiled from various sources, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), among others.

Our electricians recommend and install only advanced surge anticipators with heavy-duty built-in safety features. When electrical overloads occur, a whole home surge arrestor detects the spike in voltage and instantly reroutes excess current into the grounding system to prevent hazardous electrical back feed. Some key qualities we look for when selecting brands to represent include:

  • UL-certified to meet stringent industry safety standards.
  • High joule ratings to effectively absorb electrical surges.
  • Fast-acting circuits to divert surges nearly instantaneously.
  • Thermal fuses that disconnect during extreme overloads.
  • Indicator lights to notify homeowners of a surge event.
  • Durable electrical-grade housing

Safe Protection for All Electronics – Big-screen TVs, gaming systems, and computers with expensive components often get the most attention regarding surge protection. A whole house system ensures they are covered along with smaller electronics that are easily overlooked.

Security for Major Appliances – Your refrigerator, electric oven, laundry equipment, and more contain control boards vulnerable to electrical damage. One surge can lead to costly repairs or replacement.

Added Safety for AC/Heating Systems – Protecting the technical components in furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps from irregular currents keeps these systems running smoothly.

Lighting Fixtures Stay Intact – While not something most homeowners consider, no one wants the hassle and expense of replacing burnt-out light fixtures throughout the house.

Efficient Coverage of Entire Electrical System – Instead of plugging in individual surge strips all over your home, a single comprehensive protector ensures full coverage.

We Can Help You Choose the Ideal Whole House Surge Protector

Contact Ryan Electric today to discuss how to safeguard your valuable electrical investments. Our team will help determine the optimal whole home surge protection system matched to your home’s electrical needs and specifications. We handle professional installation, so the system is grounded and integrated into your breaker box.