Installation & Repairs

As your Lenexa Electricians, Ryan Electric offers many services for installations and repairs. From small projects to large projects, we are ready and able to meet your needs.

As the wiring in the home gets older, connection points can become weak. This can result in a multitude of problems such as flickering lights, loss of power to portions of home, etc. We have a great deal of experience in finding these issues when you encounter problems in your home.We have highly rated Lenexa electricians ready to troubleshoot and resolve your electrical needs. We take pride in identifying your issues quickly and efficiently and able to access the next best steps in resolving these issues. Often, it is correcting and identifying loose connections at the electrical panel and anywhere along the circuits. Additionally, component failures can be the underlying cause. 

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These are generally issues that can be resolved in a reasonable manner. It becomes more difficult when wiring in the wall is damaged and needs to be replaced. Making good decisions and finding creative ways to resolve these problems can eliminate expensive demo/finishing repairs. You can count on us to ensure we find the best ways not only to make the electrical repairs but also reducing unneeded wall/ceiling repairs.

In even older homes, the wiring can be knob and tube or ungrounded circuits throughout the home. Our Lenexa electricians have rewired many older homes in the Kansas City area when it is evident that repairs are not enough. We are very experienced in eliminating the damage as much as feasible to help in ensuring your rewiring of home does not come with unnecessary expensive repairs. Meeting your electrical needs along with meeting your budget needs is what you deserve and can expect from Ryan Electric.

Having a proper working electrical panel is very important in the safety of your home. Due to corrosion, normal wear and tear, panels that have been recalled or deemed hazardous, we offer a wide variety of services to help ensure your panel is safe. You can trust your Lenexa electricians at Ryan electric to make these repairs or complete these new installations. Whether needing a new electrical panel or upgrading your service, we are ready to meet your needs and expectations.

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Ensuring the safety of your home as it gets older is very important. The best protection for the safety of everyone in the home is your smoke detector alarm system. In addition, ensuring you have proper carbon detection. These detectors are recommended to be replaced every 10-12 years by not only local Fire Codes but by the Manufacturers of the devices as well. We’re able to help in determining if your detectors are in need of updating. In addition, new installations are now including 10 year battery backup lasting the lifetime of the detector! No more having to replace batteries every year!

Whole house surge protection can be an important tool in preventing costly repairs. Although there is no guarantee because of the unpredictability of lightning and how it may enter the home, whole house surge protection at the main electrical panel provides you the best protection. 

We can come up with a cost effective solution in helping protect your important appliances and components in your home.There are many installation updates that can help better protect your safety as well. Arc Fault breakers, GFCI protections, tamper proof outlets, etc. are additional improvements that can be in need of at your home. If you are in need of updating your electrical, our Lenexa electricians are ready to help. We understand the importance of electrical safety and we are dedicated to ensuring your home is safe. We would look forward to meeting those needs as your trusted electricians.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, please take the time to read our Google reviews because this is a great way to really understand what kind of work we do with the sense of care we have for our clients. Providing a high quality of service is what you should expect and deserve from your Lenexa electricians and we work hard to deliver. Most of all, we build relationships with our clients and we want to make sure you know how much we value your trust in us. If you have any more questions about your next repair project you can always let us know because we’re here to make life easier for you and make sure you don’t have to worry about your electrical needs. Ryan electric is always looking forward to helping you with what you need.