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When it comes to remodeling for your Lenexa electricians you want to make sure you don’t just hire anyone. Whether it’s a small lighting project or a full house remodel these are things that you want to take one step at a time, walk through to make sure you have the qualified people at the right place for you! Ryan electric, your Lenexa electricians, is always about the quality by which we do all of our work and our remodels are no exception to this! There are many different ways to tackle these kinds of projects, however no matter how we do it we always perform our work with a high standard to make sure that our customers can always trust Ryan electric with all that we do.

There are many great creative things that you can do with new lighting in your house with Lenexa electricians. Something that you can do is take the time to look around and ask yourself if there are any dark areas in your house that you’d like to illuminate up a bit. Or maybe a certain room that only has one large light and no ambient touches. These are things that we’d like to walk you through and maybe even make specific recommendations as to where some backlighting or an extra outlet could work very well for you. 


If you’re planning to install or replace new lighting or ceiling fans, here are a few things you should consider to ensure you’re getting the best functionality and aesthetics while ensuring the safest outcomes. For both lighting and fans, functionality, aesthetics and safety are important to consider and think about and plan out before you get started. Maybe you’re adding a new chandelier or some new recessed lighting, maybe you’re adding some extra lighting to the exterior of your home, or maybe you’re remodeling your basement.  Whatever it is, consider what will look best, what will work best, and what will keep people safe when they’re going down steps, up steps, or trying to make their way around at night. If you need help installing ceiling fans or lighting in your home, let us help out.  CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment and see how we can make the job easy, and do it right! 

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For ceiling fan functionality it’s important to understand the size of the room and design of the ceiling fan. How easy is it going to be to control the ceiling fan? Will it be too low or too high?  Will you need to use pull chains, or have a remote control?  Or is a wall switch the best option.  Do you want to be able to reverse the airflow on the fan for summer and winter? If you had an elderly person in the home, you would certainly want a fan that could reverse through a wall switch rather than having to get onto the ladder and reverse. A bad example of functionality would be installing the fan first, and then realizing after you install it that the lighting isn’t very good in the room, the fan hangs too low, or the fan now blocks some of the lighting.  You also want to ensure the fan isn’t too big for the room or not big enough to provide the cooling that you need. Or perhaps your lighting isn’t placed in the right places to provide the light you need.  Perhaps it’s right next to a beam or something that’s blocking the light.  All of these functionality issues need to be addressed and resolved before you start installation. 

Examples of this are the color spectrum of your light.  Do you like and want a warmer more yellow light, or are you looking for a bright white (almost daylight) vibe lighting?  Also, what kind of fan or lighting will look good in the room. From an outdoor perspective, when we’re designing or doing your outdoor lighting, you would want to ensure the aesthetics look right.  This means using the right color spectrums and making sure you’re not casting shadows because you’re behind trees or bushes and things like that.  You just want the lighting to be inviting to the person visiting the home.

Of course, you always take safety precautions when installing lighting, but from a user perspective you need to consider the safety of people in the space.  For example, you want to ensure there is enough light on dark pathways and walkways around the home.  And make sure you have enough lighting on your porches, driveways, and steps so people don’t trip and fall in the dim light. And obviously for the safety of your family inside, you want to ensure there is adequate lighting around your home at night.  

Electrical outlets are indispensable features in both residential and commercial settings. In the event of malfunction, it is imperative to engage the services of a qualified professional. Attempting to rectify electrical outlet issues without the expertise of a certified electrician poses significant risks. Electrical tasks entail complexities and hazards, including electric shocks, fires, and potential damage to the electrical infrastructure. Competent electricians, such as those affiliated with Ryan Electric, possess the requisite expertise, experience, and acumen to address electrical repairs with precision and safety. By entrusting repairs to skilled professionals, like those at Ryan Electric, the likelihood of mishaps or injuries is notably reduced.

Source: Outlet Repair should be handled by professionals. These statistics are based on data compiled from various sources, including the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), among others.