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Proper lighting sets the mood and function for every room in your house. Upgrading old basic switches to newer dimmers, and programmable controllers allows you to easily set lighting scenes and automation.

Standard wall light switches turn ceiling lights on or off and serve practical needs. However, modern decorative switch plate styles allow you to upgrade the look of a room as well. We offer a wide selection of both toggle and rocker light switches in varying shapes, finishes, and colors to match any decor. In addition to traditional switches, we provide:

  • Timer Switches – Automatically turn lights on/off on schedules you set
  • Motion Sensor Switches – Light up when movement is detected in dark rooms
  • Fan Speed Controls – Separate controls for ceiling fan lights and adjustable motor speed
  • 3-Way/4-Way Switches – Control light fixtures from multiple locations

Replacing your existing light switches with dimmer switches affords superior control over a room’s ambiance. As you dim lights up or down – you can create a soft, romantic mood for dining or accentuate features in a room for special gatherings. We offer standard slide, toggle, and touch dimmers covering lighting needs including:

  • LED Fixture Compatible Dimmers – Work safely with LED bulb circuits
  • Fan Speed Dimmers – Separate fan and light-dimming controls
  • CFL & Incandescent Dimmers – Tailored for different bulb types
  • Whole Home Dimmers – Control multiple lighting zones from one spot

Additionally, our electricians can integrate dimmer systems with everyday items in your home like security touchpads and TV remotes for the ultimate smart lighting experience in any room.

For the highest level of whole home lighting automation, we provide specialized lighting control solutions that allow you to easily pre-program lighting moods from a central hub or wireless app:

  • Schedule Interior and Exterior Lights – Set lights to turn on/off automatically
  • Simulate Occupancy – Randomly turn lights on/off when away
  • Touchscreen Interfaces – Save and activate light scenes with a touch
  • Automate with Smart Devices – Sync lighting to the smart home platform
  • Voice Control – Use voice assistants to control your lighting
  • Remote Access – Adjust lighting from anywhere with app access

Take control over your home’s interior and exterior lighting with customized switches, dimmers, and advanced lighting controls. Contact Ryan Electric to schedule a walkthrough where we can evaluate your current setup and make professional recommendations. Our electricians handle the entire installation process leaving you with perfectly installed lighting controls tailored to meet your family’s daily routines and lifestyles.