5 Reasons for Flickering Lights (Electrical Repair Services in Kansas City Can Help)

Flickering lights could be immensely bothersome, whether in homes or workspaces. Since lights
brighten a space and help safely tend to crucial tasks, flickering lights can take away attention.
However, understanding the reasons for flickering lights can help resolve the issue by seeking
electrical repair services in Kansas City.

This blog post discusses several reasons why lights flicker.

5 Reasons for Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are common issues around households and even offices. However,
understanding why lights flicker can assist you in choosing the correct solution.

Here are the most common reasons why lights flicker.

1. Loose Circuitry

The wires used in lighting fixtures have a limited life. Hence, these wires will eventually wear
out after several years and cause loose circuits. Consequently, with your light source attached to
this loose wire and circuitry, you can experience flickering lights.

You can immediately resolve the issue by seeking electrical repair services in Kansas City. The
certified electrician will replace the wires, hopefully stopping the flicker. However, if this
solution doesn’t work, the issue is likely one of the rest.

2. Voltage Fluctuations

Another common reason for flickering lights is voltage fluctuations. During heavy storms or
other natural disasters, you may experience this issue consistently. However, as the voltage
normalizes, the issue is resolved automatically.

Despite that, it’s advisable to turn the lights off in such situations to avoid damage to the light

3. Faulty Light Switches

If only a single light is flickering around the house, it could be because of faulty switches. Worn-
out switches are common and cause similar issues to worn-out wires. The incomplete circuit
connection every few seconds causes the lights to flicker.

You can seek professional help from reliable electrical repair services in Kansas City to ensure a
safe and steadfast solution.

4. Electric Overload on Circuits

The current reaching circuit boards distribute to different appliances used through the circuit’s
connection. Therefore, when the load on a circuit increases due to external connections, it can
cause attached lights to flicker.

For instance, there’s always a different board to run a refrigerator due to its extensive load.
Similarly, it would help if you had separate circuit boards for appliances that consume too much

Meanwhile, to stop the flickering, you can use a different board for the appliances that are not
connected to the lights.

5. Light Source Malfunction

If none of the above-discussed issues hold for the flickers, it’s time to check your light source.
As with every electrical device and connection, light sources also have a limited life. If the bulb
you’re using has been giving light for years, the flickering might indicate its weariness.

The simplest and only way to resolve this issue is by replacing the light source.

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Flickering lights are a common household and workspace issue. Understanding the reasons for
flickering lights will help you identify and resolve the issue accordingly. However, you need
reliable electrical repair services in Kansas City to fix the issue correctly.

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