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Customer Service

“Office made it easy to schedule”, “they care about my needs’ ‘, “was able to schedule through text and email”, “they responded to me quickly”. As Lenexa Electricians, We take our responsibility seriously from the first time you call us to completion in ensuring we provide the best customer service possible. From answering your communication promptly, providing estimates in a timely manner and completing the project on your timeline to ensure your project moves forward smoothly and efficiently. We know how important this is to you and it has the same high priority to us.

Ryan Electric


“Showed up on time”, “called when on the way”, “called and said they could come early”. We believe making every effort to be on time is crucial to our success. Time is of great value to all of us and respecting our clients time is a top priority for Ryan Electric Lenexa Electricians. We value the opportunity to serve you and valuing your time is just another way for us to prove to you we care about all the needs our clients have.


“It was a difficult job and they found solutions” , they were fast and efficient” , “they provided other options to better serve my needs”, “I appreciated they didn’t try to over sell me like most companies”. We try to provide the highest experience and quality when performing the work. We are honored to be providing the service you have asked us to do and will look at all options to meet your expectations and satisfaction for your project.


“They were on budget and great value for the work”, “they were less on estimate than most companies and provided a great service and have earned my future business” “I recommend them to all our family and friends because they are an honest, trustful and a fair company”. We take pride in ensuring we bring our best value to your project. Working with our clients and understanding their needs on a project, allows us to make recommendations when needed to ensure budget needs are met while still meeting our clients expectations and satisfaction. As opposed to most Lenexa Electricians, we do not over sell when visiting with you on your projects. We understand you have a specific need and are committed to meeting those needs the best way possible. We are proactive in seeing if there are ways to find solutions to your project that are more beneficial in meeting your budget needs. We have a lot of great experience thinking outside the box to meet your needs even when up against difficult scenarios because we are Lenexa Electricians who go the extra mile. Everyone likes to pay fair prices for fair work and anything less would result in unsatisfied clients. We always strive to do our part to meet that commitment.

Ryan Electric


“The office was very courteous and helpful throughout the process”, “they were very respectful of my home and took great care to clean up”, “they took the time and were patient in answering all my questions”, “they are great to work with and will always use them” We strive to offer the best professional service we can. Beginning with you contacting us, providing a prompt estimate and completing the project to your expectations and satisfaction. We treat each individual client’s needs as our top priority. We value our clients input on what makes us a good Lenexa Electricians company and continue to ensure we grow in meeting our clients highest expectations.

At Ryan Electric, our purpose is to provide you the best experience possible in resolving your electrical needs. We would look forward to meeting those needs and please consider calling Ryan Electric so we may show you how much we value your business and trust!

We know you have other electrical companies to choose from as Lenexa Electricians.

We value our clients’ trust and business. It is a privilege for Ryan Electric to have the opportunity to serve you and we want to be able to compete for your business and earn that trust. We constantly strive to set ourselves apart from other companies to earn your business.

My name is Pat Ryan, owner of Ryan Electric, the Lenexa Electricians. I have been married to my wife Kirby for 37 years and have four beautiful grown children and now are just beginning to receive the awards of being grandparents! Raising and having a family has been an incredibly rewarding part of our marriage for Kirby and I. I have had a 32 year career as an Air Traffic Controller serving the flying public. It taught me a lot about serving the public and high demand for unwavering, consistent excellence in providing a service. Safety for the flying public demands not being right just 99.9% of the time and I have taken this same passion into my business. As most families, getting your family through college is a daunting task. I started my business in 2004 for this reason as our children were reaching college age. I felt unprepared to meet this challenge and made the decision to “just work harder”. As I was a controller, I went back to school to get my Masters Electrical license and started my business while continuing my career as an Air Traffic Controller. Although it was difficult and taxing to do both at the same time (retired ATC in 2015) it taught me that unwavering hard work is a big key to our success. This company continues to be built brick by brick, continuing to ensure the foundation is solid and ensuring we are a good solution for our clients. Although we continue to be a small company, we have large values in what we do. It continues to be a very rewarding venture for us to have the opportunity to serve the public as Lenexa Electricians in their electrical needs and are committed to providing the best service we can to our clients!

Ryan Electric