At the end of 10 years of the antiquity of a house, as well as certain structural aspects of its
construction, it is important to review its electrical system, because its materials and
facilities have surely suffered wear and tear over time and have complied with its shelf
life. On the other hand, the increase in appliances and electrical/electronic devices that
we’re probably not used a decade ago, could also recharge the property's electrical

Failure to replace, retrofit or repair these possible damages can lead to short circuits,
breakers working at the limit of their operating parameters, burning of appliances or
devices that are in the house and, in the worst case, cause a fire inside the home.

For this reason, below the best electricians in the overland park provide you with several
recommendations to safely review the electrical system in properties that are more than
10 years old.

What are The Main Alerts That Should Not Be Ignored?

  • It is important to check the electromechanical devices found in the home such as:
    nozzles, plugs, switches, sockets, electrical cables and protection elements such
    as breakers.
  • In the case of elements that are visible to the naked eye, a brief visual inspection
    will be sufficient to identify if there is any damage.
  • One of the main warning signs is the color change on the device and/or its
    surroundings (wall or ceiling) to a yellowish or black hue. Other warning signs are
    the smell of burning or the emission of heat that is easy to perceive just by
    reaching out.
  • This means that some of the internal materials are generating heat either
    because they lost their insulating properties, through degradation or wear
    (switches lose their mechanical action, outlets work with their load at the limit and
    plugs overheat).
  • Another sign of a malfunction in the electrical system in lighting is incandescent
    bulbs that flicker and burn out with some frequency. In these cases, surely the
    contact between the bulb and the nozzle is failing so an inspection should be
    carried out on the nozzle or the switch generating a false contact. In the case of
    light-saving bulbs, this effect is produced by another electrical phenomenon since
    said element consists of an electronic board inside, which does not have a
    suitable connection.
  • If you want to carry out a more in-depth inspection, it is essential to block the
    current flow to all the installations inside the house in advance and “lower” the
    breakers. Once this is done, you can remove the cover or trim of the switches,
    sockets, plugs of electrical appliances and check the condition of the cables and
    terminals. If these are peeled, worn, or have turned black, there is severe

Faced with any of these signs, it is necessary to call a specialized electrician so that he
can carry out the corresponding inspections and fix possible damage to the safety of all
household members.

The inspection of an electrician is very important to determine the good or bad operation
of an electrical system. In addition, he is the one who will be able to review the
protection elements (breakers) and the electrical wiring of the construction, something
that is essential to do at least every 10 years of the construction life to avoid seriously

On the other hand, the electrician must know that for any repair, change or replacement
of the elements that make up the electrical system, certain rules must be followed that
guarantee the safety and proper functioning of said facilities. For this reason, we
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