The many types of service we offer as your Lenexa Electricians include but not limited to the following:


1) Home remodel projects
2) Main service upgrades including overhead and underground services to the home
3) Repair/Replace main electrical panels, sub panels or adding sub panels
4) New lighting projects from installing new circuits, general lighting or specific lighting such as under cabinet lighting, security lighting, installing/replacing existing fixtures or ceiling fans, etc.
5) Installing new circuits for hot tubs, car chargers, welders or all other 240v appliances
6) Installing new circuits for all 120volt needs
7) Installing low voltage systems for under cabinet lighting, outdoor lighting, door bells, etc.
8) Troubleshooting and repairing electrical issues, replacing existing outlets, switches, or other electrical devices
9) 12 point Electrical inspection of home safety devices and upgrading home to current code safety requirements
10) Emergency portable generator systems with proper switching and code compliant generator panel
11) Whole house surge protection
12) TV wall mounting or above mantel installations
13) Upgrading smoke detector systems
14) Commercial jobs and much, much, more!

It is important to ensure your home is electrically safe.


Waiting too long to address your electrical needs or having the home inspected for its electrical safety can lead to serious problems. Having one of our trained Lenexa electricians to evaluate your electrical safety can preempt those problems. Most crucial is your main electrical panel, GFCI outlets where required, smoke alarm system and all other safety devices to ensure the safety devices in your home are code compliant. Flickering lights, tripping breakers, etc. are items that should be addressed quickly.

The advantages of staying proactive in the safety of your home is very important to us as well. We resolve those types of issues ensuring your family and loved ones are being provided the safest protection in your home.

One of our favorite types of projects is new lighting and lighting design for aesthetics in the home. Lighting is instrumental in our mental and physical health. Poor lighting can lead to feeling downbeat or depressed, straining of the eyes, compromise safety such as poorly lit staircases, inadequate security lighting, etc.

We take pride in resolving these issues and providing up to date lighting and technology in your home as your Lenexa Electricians. Good lighting helps us in our moods, ability to do our work properly and without eye strain and ensure we are safe in our home where lighting is needed most. We are proactive in helping you design your lighting not only to meet your needs but always with budget being in mind. We offer options and sound solutions to help in making your lighting decisions in order to meet your needs.

Ensuring your smoke alarm system is up to date is one of the most important roles we can assist with as Lenexa Electricians. The National Fire Code and Manufacturers of smoke detectors recommend these detectors should be replaced in their entirety every 10-12 years. With today’s technology, we offer 10 year lithium battery hardwired detectors eliminating the need to replace batteries throughout the life of the smoke detector. In addition, we offer 10 year lithium battery hardwired smoke/carbon detectors that should be in the hallway(s) serving any bedrooms and near the furnace. Enjoying a fully up to date and maintenance free smoke detector system is one of the most important things we can do to provide the safety and protection we require for ourselves and family.

Many older homes do not have the required GFCI protected outlets in the home and newer homes have devices that have failed but are unaware, this is when they need the Lenexa Electricians. These GFCI devices are intended to protect you from hazardous electrical shock when near water, outdoors or standing on cement such as garage or unfinished basement. We make a good path to ground when we are in these locations and the risk of greater shock is much higher. GFCI devices sense when a very small milliamperes of current is flowing away from intended path (such as flowing through our body) and immediately disengage the circuit to protect us from hazardous electrical shock.

Whole house surge protection at your main electrical panel is your best protection from electrical surges. Although lightning can find many paths in the home, whole house surge protection can help eliminate the costly damage from a large electrical surge in your home. Many times when our clients have been unfortunate to have received a whole house surge. They are surprised how much damage has been done. Any device with circuit boards such as garage door openers, microwaves, furnaces, etc. are especially prone to failure during a whole house surge. Low voltage systems including doorbell, irrigation systems, etc. are also greater at risk with a whole house surge. The headaches of dealing with all the damage from a whole house surge can easily and affordably be avoided with the proper protection for your home.

We would look forward to meeting all of your electrical needs in your home. We try to exceed all clients expectations on any projects we do in order to ensure we remain highly rated, highly trusted and the Lenexa Electricians with highest regards for your safety!