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Lighting, and areas to consider.

Lighting and illumination can have many options and applications for your home or business. Take a look at each section to help you decide where you can improve the visibility for various reasons below. We’re always looking to help our customers by continually extending a helping hand. Contact us by email, phone or web submission, if you have any questions.


One way of making great improvements to your home is adding/improving the levels light in/outside your home. We have Johnson County electricians and Kansas City area electricians to help meet your needs.


On the outside of your home, the two things that should be considered when determining your needs are safety/security and aesthetics. A well lit exterior enhances the security and beauty of your home.

Outside Security

Security lighting can be achieved by using a timer(s) on existing exterior to ensure lighting is present during the hours you prefer. In addition, motion detector can be installed in darker areas around the home or areas where it works best for you such as driveways, entrances, etc. LED’s should always be considered for these applications as they are frequently in use and difficulty of changing bulbs due to possible height of fixtures.

Outside Aesthetics

Landscape can also improve the security of your home and also make great improvements to the aesthetics of the home. Generally, a combination to lite the walls of the home and the bushes, trees, etc. in the landscaped areas achieves the best aesthetic results. Having a proper balance of lighting on the home is important to ensure security and street appeal. LED lighting is a must for this application as any other type bulbs/fixtures require a lot of extra maintenance and expense.


On the interior of the home, safety and more emphasis on the aesthetics is important.

Interior Safety

Areas to be considered for safety is going down steps, hallways, closets and other dark areas in the home. The more dangerous the task-walking down steps, showering, preparing food is more important for safety reasons.

Interior Detailed

Detailed areas of work should be considered next on proper lighting. Office areas, homework areas, bedrooms, living rooms, laundry areas, pantries, basements etc. are all areas that can benefit in making improvements on your lighting needs. Well lit detailed areas of work allow us to complete our tasks properly and provides a more mentally healthy approach in completing our tasks/enjoyment.

Interior Aesthetic

Other areas of the home can be described as aesthetic can make even bigger differences in home appeal. Installing new entry chandeliers, dining chandeliers, ceiling fans, vanity lights, under cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, sconce lighting, etc. can make major differences in the interior appeal.

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