Not all shorts are explosive or cause irreparable damage; many of them are taking place progressively and silently within our walls. Luckily there are very simple tricks that allow us to detect this type of failure, solve it in time and avoid much more serious consequences.

If you have home insurance, you know that, in the event of an accident or breakdown that comes your way and that you cannot solve, you have a technical service that supports you. However, when it comes to a short circuit, help may come a little late if you don’t detect it early and intervene to prevent further damage such as broken appliances or damaged wiring. 

A short circuit can occur when two wires make contact with each other, from a burned-out plug or faulty electrical arrangement. Being a domestic accident from which no one is exempt, it is vital to learn to recognize them, as it can prevent you from an accident such as fire. Call the best Electricians in Johnson County to receive assistance. 

Steps to locate a short

What can be wrong? 

The first thing you should do is, precisely, check all the plugs in the house, since many times they are the cause of deactivating the controls of the central electrical panel. 

When we have an electrical installation in optimal conditions, none of the appliances should cause overload when plugged in. However, by plugging too many appliances into a single socket using extension cords, or by plugging a higher voltage appliance into a socket with a lower electrical load, we can create an overload that can lead to a short circuit. 

These types of accidents can become serious, even causing fires if they are not solved in time.

How to detect it? 

The first thing to do in order to recognize the problem and solve it is to check the main electrical panel of your house, detect which switch was deactivated and see which circuit in the house it corresponds to. You will know this because electrical panels usually have a legend that specifies which areas of your house each of the circuits respond to.

Once you locate the affected area, go to it; turn off and unplug all the devices you have there and then restart the main panel; if the switches do not turn off again, it is because the damage is coming from one of those devices. 

After confirming this, connect the devices again one by one and when the switches are deactivated again, you will know which is causing the problem. 

It is always important to highlight as an extra recommendation that you should not handle the panel with wet hands under any circumstances because you can suffer an electric shock.

What if it’s not any of my devices? 

If you have already disconnected and connected all the devices in that area of ​​the house and the problem persists, it may come directly from the internal wiring of the house. In that case, you should immediately go to your insurance advisor and explain what is happening so that an electrician can be sent to you as soon as possible. 

On the other hand, if you already have Electricians in Overland Park of your trust, you should call to fix the problem with adequate tools. 

As we have mentioned before, a poorly attended short circuit can cause serious accidents that can endanger your integrity and that of your family, as well as completely damage your electrical devices.

Avoid taking these risks and contact a professional who will know how to assess and handle the situation.