As the best Lenexa electricians, you might be wondering what our services are. Well, we do not. Ryan Electric is smaller electrical company that primarily works in the greater Kansas City area. Our experts have over 15 years of experience and skill. Due to this, our services range from any to every electrical project no matter how big or small, no matter if it is inside or outside.

As electricians, we primarily work indoors because most electrical features are in houses and buildings. Ryan Electric can tackle any electrical issue whether it is installing new circuits for hot tub, an electric car charger, a welder, or repairing or replacing electric panels, or something like upgrading smoke detector systems. We also do many home remodel project. Maybe you’re not really remodeling, but rather adding on to your home? No problem in all we can do all of that electric. We can run the wires to the walls for ceiling fans, lights, security, TVs, and of course any other outlet you need.

One of our favorite things to do is lighting projects. It can be anything from installing new circuits for for lighting generalizing or even specific things such as under cabinets or for security. We like doing lighting projects because now it doesn’t fit affect the aesthetics in your home, but it also affects you as a person. For example, poor lighting can strain your eyes which does physical damage to them but can also do emotional damage because poor lighting can lead to making you feel down or depressed. Not to mention, when there is poor lighting there can be safety hazards such as surrounding stairs. Lighting in our house is also allows us to see each other as well as enjoy the design of our home.

Another thing we often do is smoke alarm systems. As the best Lenexa electricians, we are always up to date on the national fire code in which detectors are most recommended. Not only can we fix any issues with your smoke alarm system, but we can also replace or upgrade it. With the help of today’s technology, we can also offer hardwired smoke and carbon detectors that have a tenure lithium battery and that can be placed in any bedroom hallway, or any other room. Not only do we want you and your family to be safe, but we also want you to be at ease knowing that you the best possible warning system in case something goes wrong.

So, is the best Lenexa electricians in the area, Ryan Electric can do many things. The tour skill and experience of over 15 years, we can tackle just about any electrical issue or project. We specifically enjoy lighting projects as well as smoke alarm systems, but our skills and knowledge go way beyond that. Don’t simply take our word for it though, call us today at (913) 406-7700 or get an estimate immediately on our website at! Let us serve you and keep you safe!

Best Lenexa Electricians | What Is Our Website Do For You

As the best Lenexa electricians around, you would think we also have the best website. Well, you would be correct. It may not be the most colorful, but it is the best for many other reasons. Ryan Electric is a smaller electric company that works in the greater Kansas City area. We have over 15 years of experience and skill, so you’re able to tackle just about any electrical issue or project. Despite not being the most colorful, our website is the best because it shows some of the services we provide as well as the perks of working with us, it allows for multiple forms of contact is was an immediate estimate, you can find and see many testimonials.

Just like on any business website, you can find many, if not all, services that we offer as well as any perks of working with us. Ryan Electric has the best Lenexa electricians in the greater Kansas City area because due to our 15 years of experience and unmatched skill, we can tackle just about any electrical issue that you may have although most of our work is residential, we do plenty of commercial work as well. We do it all from from complete remodel projects to whole house search protection to even mounting a TV on the wall. We install new circuits for hot tubs, car chargers, welders, and more. We can repair or replace main electric panels subpanels or we can even add new subpanels.

Not only does our website show what type of services we provide and what type of issues we can fix, but you can also easily contact us. Our website provides our company phone number, a link to our social media page, and even have the option to get an immediate estimate on any project or issue. On our contact page you simply fill out your name, contact information, the project location, as well as give some details on the project or issue. We believe in making things as easy as possible, that’s why we offer this immediate way to get an estimate with us.

Our website lists many of our services, perks of working with us, allows you to easily contact us, but it also shows testimonials and gives a link to see other testimonials. One of the perks of working with us, is that we are very straightforward and upfront with our customers. We want them to the kind of company we are so that they know who they’re working with. It is partly due to this transparency that our customers trust us. The other part is that we are not all talk, we really do do quality work.

So, as the best Lenexa electricians around, Ryan Electric has a great website. No, it is not the most colorful or has the most pictures. What it does have, though, is a long list of services that we do as well as the perks of working with us and valleys we bring. And also allows for easy contact through multiple ways as well as an immediate estimate option. Last, but not least, our customers can see what former and current customers have said about us and our work not only on our website, but Google as well. So reach out to us today! Call us at (913) 406-7700 or get an estimate at!