4 Signs Your Home Wiring Needs an Upgrade

Wiring problems lead to thousands of fires at homes each year. But most homeowners overlook potential wiring issues and focus on more apparent problems, such as plumbing, leaks, lawn maintenance, etc. However, your home’s electrical wiring is just as important, especially after you’re living in an old home. 

Since electrical code is constantly changing, keeping the electrical system updated is essential. So, how do you know when your home wiring needs an update? Read on to find out!

Here are the top 4 signs that indicate your home’s wiring system needs to be updated by a professional electrician: 

Your Lights Keep Flickering

Most people think of flickering lights as a sign your lighting fixture needs to be replaced. But when the lights start to flicker throughout the house, it’s probably not because of the light bulb. Instead, your electrical wiring may be the culprit. 

Your home’s lighting system doesn’t consume a lot of power. However, other devices, such as the HVAC system, consumes a lot more energy. When both are wired to the same circuit, it may result in the lights flickering or dimming regularly. In this case, you should call your electrician and have them rewire your home so that both are integrated into different circuits. This way, the flickering and dimming issue will be resolved completely. 

Electrical Outlets or Fuse Boxes are Letting Out Sparks

Electrical sparks can be extremely dangerous and are not to be taken lightly. If your electrical outlets or fuse boxes are sparking, your wiring needs to be upgraded. Call an electrician immediately to resolve the issue quickly before it becomes an even bigger problem. 

You Hear a Constant Buzzing Sound

Electricity is supposed to flow silently throughout your home. However, if you hear a constant buzzing sound, it might be possible that your wires are worn out, or the prongs have come loose. Try to locate the sound and switch off the outlets that are making the noise. But most of all, seek help from a professional electrician right away. 

Your Power Outlets Become Hot

In most cases, the flow of electricity warms the switch plates. But they do not become hot. If you find any outlets heating up, your wiring may be faulty despite not having anything plugged in. 

 Contact Ryan Electic to Upgrade Your Home Wiring

If you experience any of the signs mentioned above, your electrical wiring needs an update. Call Ryan Electic, and our trained and experienced electricians can resolve all issues by updating your home’s wiring. Call (913) 406-7700 for more details.